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MoCreebec has come a long way since the association was established back in 1980. Staying true to our vision, we offer a variety of programs and services designed to serve the MoCreebec community, in fields such as health, housing, employment, education, and communication. For more information on these programs and services, browse our departments section. You can find more information on our history and our vision below.

Our Mission

Recognizing the supremacy and will of the Creator, the people who have chosen the name MoCreebec renew the social contract of sharing, kindness, strength, and honesty which was the basis for the first meeting of the Aboriginal and European Peoples.

We affirm the Aboriginals rights guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution, asserting that these rights also embody a sense of community, equality, and a need for independence and self-reliance. MoCreebec members have chosen to give formal recognition of their community so as:

  • To express the MoCreebec community in the absence of local or regional representation of its members or their interests
  • To restore the integrity of their independence and relationship with other orders of government
  • To establish a foundation for community control of its members’ common destiny
  • To create conditions that enhance the quality of life of its members through community effort and support
  • To motivate community participation in the pursuit of the common good
  • To organize individual ability for the collective benefit of the community as a whole
  • To defend the aboriginal rights of its members, while promoting their language and culture

Bound by a shared history and common destiny, with ties both to our origins and to our home today, MoCreebec, as part of the Cree Nation, is empowered with a natural right of governance founded on the values, beliefs, culture, language, and collective wisdom of the Cree People.

In keeping with its Guiding Principles and Purpose, MoCreebec is committed to the fulfillment of the following objectives on behalf of its members:

  • The attainment of the basic needs of life
  • Economic independence and support for its members’ self-reliance
  • Individual freedom to choose the level of participation in traditional or cash-based economies
  • The ability to determine economic priorities based on collective values
  • Enhancement of its members’ language and culture through celebration of the Cree ways of life
  • A social contract based on the shared spiritual foundation and respect of traditional practices
  • The healing and empowerment of its members
  • The preservation and enhancement of the natural environment

Our History

The history of the Cree people who have chosen to call themselves members of “MoCreebec” does not begin in 1980 when the association was first established. The families of MoCreebec members have been living in the Moose Factory – Moosonee area for generations and hundreds of years.

Members of MoCreebec trace their ancestry to the people along the East Coast of what is now known as James Bay, in the province of what is now Quebec. As in Ontario, these Cree people settled into communities because of the establishment of fur trading posts at various points around the bay. Many families from the east coast of James Bay were drawn to and settled in the Moosonee/Moose Factory region as it grew into a regional government and commercial centre. Employment, education, and health care were all major factors for the migration from ancestral territories.

However, in 1905, MoCreebec families were not signatories to Treaty no. 9 in Ontario. The Federal Government chose not to include the people whose ancestry was in the province of Quebec – a decision not discouraged by the Government of Ontario or the trading companies operating in the region.

Therefore, as beneficiaries without most of the benefits, the Moose Factory Cree of Quebec, recognizing the priority of basic social needs and services, formed an association in 1980, which they named MoCreebec.

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