As mandated by the MoCreebec Eeyoud Council, volunteer youth from the community of Moose Factory mobilized themselves into The MoCreebec Youth Working Group with the following 4 goals:
1. Gather input from the Youth of our community on the types of programs and services they would like to see offered
2. From the data taken, secure funding to offer these programs and services
3. Develop a Terms of Reference, Objectives, and Election Procedures for a Youth Council
4. Hold elections for Youth Chief and Deputy Youth Chief

The MoCreebec Youth Working Group is proud to announce that funding has been secured from Ontario Trillium Foundation. So look out for our Monthly Calendar for programs and special events coming soon!
*Please note that the MoCreebec Youth Working Group is not the Youth Council and operates strictly on a volunteer basis and its members are comprised of volunteer youth from the ages of 13-35. We welcome youth to join us as we work together to create positive change in our community and provide more opportunities for the Youth of MoCreebec to get involved.
Volunteers always needed as we move on to our final goals which is #4 Hold Elections, we urge all Youth to participate in the upcoming MoCreebec Youth Council Elections.



It is our mission to work together with and for the MoCreebec Youth to deliver and create programs and services that will empower the youth to be future leaders of our community, ensuring that our culture, heritage and language are passed on by working with the elders of our community. We will strive for positive change and a better future for our youth.



To act as representatives of MoCreebec Eeyoud Youth and more particularly:

1.1          To work as a group to solve and/or assist in solving the problems that the local youth are faced with

1.2          To represent and act on behalf of the MoCreebec youth, in regards to matters entrusted to the Youth councillors by the local youth,

1.3          To foster, promote, protect and assist in the preservation of the way of life, values, traditions and culture of the Cree people of Moose Factory/Moosonee as well as the Quebec Cree Nations of which we are direct descendants.

1.4          To advise in the means and methods of obtaining the maximum possible benefits and ventures of the MoCreebec Youth

1.5          To act as a local Youth Council in respect to matters delegated or confided by the MoCreebec Youth

1.6          To represent the interests of the MoCreebec Youth at a government level, as authorized by the MoCreebec Youth

1.7          To administer the funds by, first obtaining the funds, then by distributing the funds according to the need of the MoCreebec Youth

1.8          To work with other organizations in respect to common goals and pursuits;

1.9          To promote a positive and responsible lifestyle to the MoCreebec Youth;

1.10      To play an important role in the implementation and development of activities, programs and projects in regards to the MoCreebec Youth and Community;

1.11      To provide educational opportunities to the Youth of the community in leadership building, self-advocacy, to empower, inspire and prepare the Youth to become the future leaders of our community.



MoCreebec Youth are deeply appreciative of the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.



Contact Information

Jordon Chilton

705.658.4769 ext. 2018


Andrea Jolly

705.658.4769 ext.


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