Chief and Council


The responsibilities of the Chief include:

(a) representation of the interests of MoCreebec members in discussions with all other orders of government, committees, agencies and organizations;

(b) protection of the principles, purpose and objectives of the MoCreebec Constitutional Framework;

(c) development of policies, procedures and programs to enhance the recognition of members’ rights and benefits

(d) coordination of efforts to amend the MoCreebec Constitutional Framework.

The Deputy Chief assists the Chief in the aforementioned responsibilities and assumes the responsibilities of the Chief in the event that he/she is temporarily unable to assume them or if expressly asked to do so for a specific purpose by the Chief. The Deputy Chief is moreover responsible for supporting the development of Clan Councils and registration of members in the MoCreebec Eeyoud.

Clan Council representatives to the MoCreebec Eeyoud Council hold primary responsibility for the timely communication of MoCreebec Eeyoud Council business and decisions.

Niikaanishkaachewin – Leadership


Position Name/ Clan Represented Term End
Chief: Allan Jolly  Apr 1, 2019
Deputy-Chief: George Small Jr.  Mar 6, 2019
Council Member : Dorothy Wynne: Wynne/Iserhoff Clan Dec 6, 2017
Council Member: Linda Carey: Visitor Clan Jun 6, 2020
Council Member: Archie Hester: Hester Clan Dec 6, 2016
Council Member: Michael Jolly: Jolly/Gagnon Clan Dec 6, 2020
Council Member: Victor Weapenicappo: Weapenicappo Clan Dec 6, 2017
Council Member: Willard Small: Kapashesit Clan Apr 1, 2021
Council Member: Adam Enosse: Blueboy Clan July 13, 2020

The following Clans are in the process of forming and selecting their Clan representative:

  • Trapper Clan
  • McLeod Clan
  • Blackned Clan

Department News

MoCreebec joins the Cree Nation as the 11th Community

“A resolution passed at the Grand Council of the Crees/Cree Nation Government (GCC/CNG) council board meeting November 22 seeks to make good on a 40-year-old promise.” Click Link below to Read More. Road to recognition: MoCreebec’s acceptance as the 11th Cree community paves way for provincial and federal negotiations    Read More


George Small Jr.
George Small Jr.

At the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was held on March 6, 2018, the members of the MoCreebec Eeyoud ratified the selection, by Council, of George Small Jr., as Deputy Chief. Prior to the AGM Mr. Small’s position was an interim position. The MoCreebec Eeyoud Constitutional Framework specifies that if a Chief or Deputy […]Read More

Moosonee Office

Employment Unit and Membership Clerk will be at the Moosonee Office on, Friday, January 19th, 2017 10 am – 12 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm  Please feel free to stop in if you have any questions, or if you would like to visit our new office space.Read More

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