Economic Development


MoCreebec has a Economic Development Department is tasked with assisting Chief and Council and community members with projects that relate to Economic Development. It has one employee, Mel Orecklin, Economic Development Officer.


A strong self‐reliant Eeyoud living in a prosperous, healthy and sustainable community.


Establishing an economic environment that builds our people, community and ventures.

General Key Strategies

  • identifying and addressing gaps and barriers which may be holding back our community’s economic growth;
  • facilitating the development of a Strategic Economic Development Plan, and carrying out other economic development planning tasks;
  • providing assistance to local businesses and individuals, through increased awareness of economic development issues, access to training and business development opportunities, and encouraging them to take greater advantage of employment and career opportunities, and major projects including the Ring of Fire and other resource development projects;
  • identifying and developing diverse sectorial opportunities for economic development (e.g. mining, energy generation, tourism, forestry, arts and crafts, etc.);
  • raising public awareness of our community through an enhanced internet presence, with accompanying print material;
  • participating in the regional Mushkegowuk Economic Development (MED) initiative; determining how we might best be involved in, for example, the proposed Mushkegowuk Regional Business Organization, and MED committees;
  • developing and maintaining linkages with representatives of government, and industry, ensuring that MoCreebec is recognized as a distinct Aboriginal community within Ontario that needs to be considered for consultation and engagement; and
  • negotiating agreements for current resource development opportunities.

The objectives that will be utilized as guides and benchmarks in the organization’s efforts to achieve this goal are categorized in four strategic areas:

  1. Comprehensive and ongoing Strategic Planning
  2. Implementation of local economic development strategies
  3. Participation in regional economic development initiatives
  4. Negotiations for participation in new resource development initiatives

MoCreebec’s most significant economic development is the Cree Village Ecolodge. Our focus is on improving the Ecolodge’s financial performance by reducing expenses and improving occupancy rates. The Manager of the Ecolodge is Todd Haynes who has been hired to mentor Becky Molyneaux, the Assistant Manager.

All members are invited to speak with Mel if they have a desire to start a business, are interested in major repairs to their privately-own home or purchasing a home.

Mel is an engineer, has an MBA and is a Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager with experience in business and community development and financial analysis.

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